With the implementation of the new Organizational and Operational Model of the One Company, beginning January 1st, 2016, Finmeccanica has not only revised its structure to make it more consistent with the needs of customers and markets, and thus ready to support the specific mission of creating value for all the stakeholders, but it also intends to re-write its identity.

New logo Leonardo

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It is in this historical moment when Finmeccanica is changing direction, re-defining objectives and priorities, designing new models of development and has presented itself in a new role within the Italian system, that there is a need for a new name that represents and constitutes the first and most important point of synthesis between the profound true values that characterize the company and support its strategies.

Operating in aerospace, defence and security is a complex mission because the world is complex. A company that aims to do so must be able to anticipate and manage its changes, which are often rapid and unpredictable, integrating different technologies and capabilities. The ability to see far ahead is a requirement to be competitive at the highest level, to imagine how the future will be, to understand in what reality Finmeccanica will actually exist and what resources will be needed for it to grow according to its vision.

A name with deep roots, universal recognition and a sense of the future. Leonardo represents our Italian history made of scientific achievements and technological excellence, the development of philosophical and mathematical thought and research applied to all fields of knowledge, from the arts to architecture, science and music.

In the same way, the principles that inspired Leonardo da Vinci’s work and that of his contemporaries are at the basis of our specific business approach: a great business history, which has contributed to world economic and technological development, bringing work and innovation to strategic sectors and establishing solid basis – in terms of intelligence, creativity and know-how – from which to export the company’s technological excellence to the world.

Leonardo represents the universal value of thought, analysis and research. There is no area of Finmeccanica’s business that has not found in Leonardo da Vinci a careful scholar, driven by scientific curiosity and the desire to face unexplored scenarios.

He imagined human flight, designed flying machines, fortifications and war machines, deepened the study of optics and perspective, studied astronomy and the movement of planets. But even more than the intuition of concepts, technologies and tools that would be developed in later periods and that today form the core of Finmeccanica’s business, we recognise in this name – and the Renaissance period – a more general, universal value, which is renewal of thought, conceiving the new scientific method and building the basis to support the development of the economic and industrial system.

Leonardo means confidence in the future, man’s boundless capacity and the dreams that the mind imagines even before designing the tools needed to achieve them. The image of the Renaissance man overcoming the barriers of knowledge with just the weapons of thought, intelligence and experimentation, is now the mirror and reflection of the new Finmeccanica, a guiding principle, a model in which to identify because its commitment is aimed at the future. This will ensure the future of the company and of the new generations, providing them the tools to meet the challenges of a global industrial system that is constantly evolving, and of Italy and the other countries in which it operates, with the ambition of being instrumental in building the world of tomorrow.

Leonardo will work every day to make it a safer, more equitable and more sustainable place in which to live.

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Polish version of this article here / polska wersja tego artykułu tutaj.