As the only professional film crew invited to the 41st AF Base in Dęblin for the arrival to Poland of the first two M-346 Master / Bielik aircraft, we thought we would make a report from that day and proceeded to do so. We captured and recorded the most important moments of this event so significant for our aviation.

M-346 Bielik and white-red wing of Iskra

Polska wersja tego artykułu tutaj / Polish version of this article here.

Afterwards, a whole series of technical-international circumstances forced this material to wait almost a year and a half for its broadcast day.

But we have finally reached the moment when the remaining six aircraft ordered have joined the first two. All of them have been accepted into the fleet of the Polish Air Force and have recently begun their first official flights.

We decided that this is a good moment to show you the film that has waited too long to come off the shelf.

Some of its heroes have already left the air force, others will probably leave in a while, but on this day and at that moment, they shared with us their authentic experiences and thoughts, something no less valuable today.

So from this record of the day, a record of history was made. Anyway, see for yourself!


„From italian land to Poland” 

Text: Tomasz Białoszewski
Producers: Tomasz Białoszewski i Piotr Rejmer
Cinematographers: Piotr Rejmer, Tomasz Białoszewski, Leonardo
and pilots 41st Air Taining Base, Deblin


Polska wersja tego artykułu tutaj / Polish version of this article here.